The Ascension Virtuoso wheelchair lift is seen in a basketball stadium

Wheelchair Lift with Safety Skirting

Virtuoso Wheelchair Lift

The Ascension Virtuoso vertical wheelchair lift incorporates an innovative 360-degree rigid safety skirting that protects the area under the lift at all times. Available in both portable and permanent models to fit any application.

Virtuoso Vertical Platform Lift

The Ascension Virtuoso Vertical Platform Lift is unmatched for safe, attractive and quiet wheelchair access. The lift is fully ADA compliant and feature a rigid safety skirting, an electro-hydraulic drive train and a sleek, low profile.

A white woman in a wheelchair sits in a Virtuoso wheelchair lift, being lifted to a raised stage

360° Safety Skirt

The Virtuoso’s unique safety skirt provides innovative protection for users in all environments.


Ascension Wheelchair Lift Virtuoso in front of a stage at the Hyatt Regency

60” of Lift Height – No Excavation Needed

The Virtuoso provides accessibility between 12” and 60” of lift height. Installation is easy – no ramp or pit required.

Close up shot of the Virtuoso wheelchair lift

Quiet, Reliable Operation

The electro-hydraulic drive is built into the sides of the Virtuoso, providing quiet, low-profile and reliable lifting capacity.

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Virtuoso Details

Vertical Travel: 12″ to 60″
Capacity: 750 lbs
Lift Footprint: 52″ W x 64″ L

The Virtuoso wheelchair lift is constructed using predominately powder-coated steel, in addition to high-impact thermoplastic windows. These materials enable the Virtuoso to achieve a modern visual appeal, while maintaining a sturdy architecture capable of handling heavy use.

The Virtuoso comes standard in Black; however, custom colors are available upon request. Many customers desire to have their lift painted to match team or organization colors, or a color that blends with the surrounding architecture or landscape.

Thanks in part to the lifting system employed in the Virtuoso, the volume of operation is reduced to a minimum. While both ascending or descending, the Virtuoso wheelchair lift produces an operational volume between 50 dB and 70 dB – just about the level of casual conversation at a restaurant.

Direct acting hydraulic drive

The Virtuoso meets all Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) and ASME A18.1 regulations and is therefore a fully ADA Compliant wheelchair lift.

  • Integrated Stop and Start
  • Locking Upper and Lower Landing Gates During Travel
  • Safety Skirting
  • Safety Pan Switch
  • Large Windows on All Four Sides
  • Emergency Hydraulic Hand Pump
  • Full Length Grab Bar
  • Rampless Entry and Exit
  • Integrated Upper Landing Bridge
  • Slip-Resistant Flooring
  • Constant-Pressure Operating Switches

10-Year Drivetrain, 4-Year Parts, 90-Day Labor

NOTE: The warranty is held by the purchaser and warranty claims must be communicated between the lift purchaser and Ascension, not with the wheelchair lift installer! Wheelchair lift installers have no authority to approve warranty claims or perform warranty work without official notice from Ascension.


  • Custom Colors
  • Battery Backup
  • Safety Pan
  • Pit Switch
  • Two-Way Communication Available
  • Power Gate Operators
  • Emergency Lighting

Virtuoso Model Options

The Ascension Virtuoso is available in several variations to provide access in almost any location. Please note that which lift variant is used for your project is largely a matter of code requirement. Contact an Ascension associate about which option is best for you.

Ascension Virtuoso Wheelchair Lift 3D Render of Stage Auditorium Usage

The Virtuoso 5460P – Portable

In this variation, the portable Virtuoso may be wheeled from place to place in order to provide accessibility on an as-needed basis.

A Virtuoso wheelchair lift from Ascension Lift is seen beside a stage where a performance is taking place

The Virtuoso 5460FG – Fixed with Upper Landing Gate

In this variation, the Virtuoso is installed in a single location and lifts a rider to a platform with an installed gate at the upper landing. This gate is included with the lift.

The Ascension Virtuoso wheelchair lift is seen in a basketball stadium

The Virtuoso 5460F – Fixed with Upper Platform Gate

An unenclosed, self-contained vertical wheelchair lift, manufactured by Ascension, intended for use by individuals with disabilities.

Virtuoso Downloads and Specs

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Support Manuals & Warranty

Focus on Accessibility with Ascension

Ascension's wheelchair lifts shown in a rainbow wheel of colour
Customization Options

Custom Colors

Each lift has a standard color but that’s not the only color available! Want your lift to match company colors? Done! How about the same color as your house? Done! Contact Ascension to learn more about custom color options.

A woman in a wheelchair sits inside an Ascension Lift wheelchair lift
Customization Options

Custom Colors

The windows of your wheelchair lift can now be customized! Company logos, quotes, scenes or more can be etched into the lift’s windows. Contact Ascension to learn more about window etching options.

Why Choose Ascension?

Close up shot of the Virtuoso wheelchair lift
  • Seemless design aesthetics
  • Variable lifting heights
  • Full sized door available at upper landing gate
  • Indoor configurations with ventilation
  • Customizable colors and side panel options.
  • Power door operators
  • Internal emergency stop button
  • Enclosed shaftway
  • Minimized pinch and shear points in shaftway
  • Integrated safety pan switch
  • Anticorrosion package
  • Impact resistant windows
  • Contractors/Installers
  • Rampless
  • Pitless
  • Partially assembled
  • 120V 20A operation
  • Low voltage external controls
  • Small physical footprint
  • Customizations
  • Power door operators (upper and lower)
  • One button operation

Let us help you focus on accessibility

Fit for Any Location

The Ascension Virtuoso is a versatile wheelchair lift capable of rise between as little as 12″ or as much as 60″and can provide access in a commercial property, across multiple places (with the portable option) or in a private home!

A white woman in a wheelchair sits in a Virtuoso wheelchair lift, being lifted to a raised stage

Indoor Access

The Ascension Virtuoso can provide access up a short flight of stairs, to a stage, an orchestra, a home porch or more.

A black woman sits in a wheelchair inside a Virtuoso wheelchair lift

Rider Comfort

The large window area of the Virtuoso aids in rider comfort by providing clear lines of sight to the lift’s surroundings, and helps prevent claustrophobia. Additionally, the lift’s low profile design ensures that it blends into the surrounding architecture, much like a staircase.

A Virtuoso wheelchair lift from Ascension Lift is seen beside a stage where a performance is taking place

Commercial Access

The Ascension Virtuoso currently provides access to patrons in restaurants, worship facilities, hotels and government buildings across the world.

Virtuoso wheelchair lift from Ascension Lift

Installation & Maintenance

The Virtuoso ships fully assembled, making installation fast and easy. An Ascension representative will work with you and an installer near you to ensure that the lift is installed quickly and correctly.

The Ascension Virtuoso features the longest, most comprehensive warranty in the industry with a 10-Year Drivetrain, 4-Year Parts, and 90-Day Labor guarantee. After installation, if you find that something is wrong with your Virtuoso, contact Ascension and we’ll get it sorted out.

Focus on accessibility with Ascension

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