The Clarity wheelchair lift is seen outside of The Don CeSar

Ascension Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lifts

About Us

Ascension’s line of wheelchair lifts has become distinctive in the industry and well known for providing modern aesthetics, ease of use and installation, user-centered designs, best-in-class safety features, and the industry’s longest warranty. Ascension designs and manufactures their wheelchair lifts in Tucson, Arizona.

Mission Statement

Ascension’s goal is to remove barriers and empower people of all abilities.


Founded in 1992, Ascension Wheelchair Lifts was created by its parent company, AGM Container Controls, in order to support the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


At Ascension, we’re working hard to achieve a world without barriers.

Why Choose Ascension Wheelchair Lifts

Ascension wheelchair lifts are designed to be as low impact on a space and a as accommodating to a user as possible. This means that each Ascension lift features:

An Ascension Lift wheelchair lift is seen outside an university building

Pitless Design

Unlike many wheelchair lifts, Ascension lifts features a pitless design to remove the need for excavation or damage to a location during the lift’s install.

An Ascension Lift wheelchair lift is seen inside an Earls Restaurant

Towerless Design

Rather than the large tower used to hold lifting mechanisms common to wheelchair lifts, Ascension lifts feature a towerless design, made possible from housing the lifting mechanisms in the walls of the lifts. This enables each Ascension lift to maintain a low profile aesthetic and small footprint.

The Clarity wheelchair lift is seen outside of The Don CeSar

Flush Entrance and Exit

Each Ascension wheelchair lift features a flush, level entrance and exit without the need for ramps, enabling a rider to use the lift with ease. Further, ramps require greater floor space and thus a larger area for a lift installation but Ascension lifts are designed without the need for these, making them more compact and easier to install.

A woman in a wheelchair sits inside an Ascension Lift wheelchair lift

Window Space

Each Ascension wheelchair lift has been designed to maximize the clear window space present in order to prevent rider anxiety and allow caregivers to monitor the rider.

Our Process

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Our Team

Ascension’s leadership is focused on creating accessible spaces for an equitable world. Meet The Ascension Wheelchair Lift Team.

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Ascension sells direct as the manufacturer worldwide, but also maintains select agent representation in markets outside of the United States. Find out how to become a distributor.

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