Outdoor Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lifts

Accessibility for Outdoor Spaces

Ascension Wheelchair Lifts provides fully ADA compliant accessibility solutions for outdoor locations. This includes spaces such as parks, hotels, schools, footbridges museums and more.

Clarity wheelchair lift from Ascension Lift
Our Outdoor Wheelchair Lifts


The Ascension Clarity enclosed wheelchair lift can reach heights up to 14 feet, making it a great choice for both single and two story access. Furthermore, its small footprint means it can easily fits into tight or compact spaces. Like all Ascension lifts, the Clarity requires no installation pit or entry ramp.

Vertical Travel: 34″ to 168″
Capacity: 750 lbs
Lift Footprint: 48″ W x 68″ L

Protégé wheelchair lift from Ascension Lift
Our Outdoor Wheelchair Lifts


Available in both portable and permanent installation models, the Ascension Protégé wheelchair lift provides the greatest lifting capacity of the Ascension line. Its small footprint enables use in tight or compact spaces and its low-rise capability positions it well for use in smaller projects.

Vertical Travel: 4″ to 42″
Capacity: 900 lbs
Lift Footprint: 52″ W x 61″

Where Do You Need Access?

Markets Served


Churches & Worship Facilities

Ascension Wheelchair Lifts feature quiet and reliable operation, in addition to both fixed and portable models that are backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

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Schools & Universities

Even K-12, college, and university campuses can feature barriers to physical access. Ascension Wheelchair Lifts is proud to provide all students with access to an education.

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Convention & Event Venues

Convention centers and other meeting or performance venues are all enhanced with Ascension’s unique pitless installation, as well as the option for both portable and fixed wheelchair lift models.

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Architects & Contractors

Ascension Wheelchair Lifts are all fully code compliant and feature nondamaging installation, small footprints, and low profiles to provide both access and aesthetic value to a built environment.

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Historic Building

Ascension’s nondestructive installation design brings unique value to historic buildings and locations in need of accessibility.

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Where Do You Need Access?

Here's What To Expect When Working With Ascension

We understand that it can be stressful when you need access. That’s why we’ve streamlined the process for you!

Protege wheelchair lift seen in a home

Step 1: Let Us Know What You Need

You need a wheelchair lift. If you know which of Ascension’s three lift models you’re interested in, Request A Quote. If you’re unsure or don’t have a lot of information, just Contact Us and we’ll walk you through it.

Give us 48 hours and we’ll get back to you with options and any additional questions we may have.

An Ascension Lift wheelchair lift is seen inside an Earls Restaurant

Step 2: We'll Make Sure It's Up To Code

Once you’ve let us know about your project and chosen a lift, Ascension Engineering will review your project plans to ensure that the wheelchair lift is configured properly to provide fully code compliant access.

In order to make sure that we do a thorough job, please give us 72 hours to complete this review.

The Clarity wheelchair lift is seen outside of The Don CeSar

Step 3: We'll Give You A Quote

After the review is finished, we’ll get back to you with a quote on price, as well as an estimated lead time on the manufacture and delivery of your wheelchair lift.

If everything looks good, you can accept the quote and we’ll starting building your lift! Please note: a deposit is required to schedule your wheelchair lift for production.

A woman in a wheelchair sits inside an Ascension Lift wheelchair lift

Step 4: It's Delivered To You

Once your wheelchair lift is scheduled for production, we’ll keep in touch and let you know as the delivery date gets closer to help make sure that it gets to you on time!

Where Do You Need Access?

Why Choose Ascension?

Ascension Wheelchair Lifts combines unique design features with unparalleled customer service.

A white man sits in a wheelchair in front of a Protege wheelchair lift

Free Design Review with Each Quote

During the quote process, an Ascension design engineer with review the architectural plans to ensure that the supplied wheelchair lift will fully meet all ADA and code compliance requirements.

A black boy sits in a wheelchair in front of a Protege wheelchair lift

Fully ADA Compliant

Every Ascension wheelchair lift does comply with ADA, ADAAG, and ASME A18.1 requirements.

A teacher in a wheelchair reads to young students on a raised stage. A Protege wheelchair lift sits to the right side of the stage

Longest Warranty in the Industry

Ascension provides the longest, most comprehensive warranty in the business. Each Ascension wheelchair lift comes with a 10-Year Drivetrain, 4-Year Parts, 90-Day Labor warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Ascension lift models come with a standard 10-year drive train, 4-year parts, and 90-day labor warranty, setting an unparalleled industry benchmark. Optional extended warranties are also available.

Yes. Ascension wheelchair lifts provide all applicable operating and safety requirements necessary for compliance with ADA standards.

Just give us a call at (520) 881-3993 and ask for Ascension Sales; you may also use our Contact Us form or email us.

Set up of the portable Ascension Virtuoso requires approximately 10 minutes, while the portable Ascension Protégé requires approximately 5 minutes. Watch our lift setup videos for more detailed information.

In general, we recommend inspecting the lift’s hydraulic fluid level at six-month intervals. For other specific questions regarding maintenance, get in touch with us.

Yes, Ascension manufactures permanent version of both the Virtuoso and Protégé wheelchair lift models for use in projects where permanent installation is required.

Typically due to code requirements; however, some installation locations are better served with permanent modal wheelchair lifts instead of portable versions. Because states, regions, and municipalities throughout the US and elsewhere all adopt different versions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations, a permanent wheelchair lift, rather than a portable lift, may be required by law.

All Ascension lifts may be used outdoors. For extended outdoor use, cold climates, and other harsh environments, an optional Outdoor Package is available.

The Ascension Virtuoso 5460 Model Series has a 60” maximum rise and the Ascension Protégé 5442 Model Series has a 42” maximum rise. The Ascension Clarity 16E features a 168” maximum rise.

Some Ascension models can interface with some full-height doors in some locations. Please contact us to get the answers for your specific application.

Ascension wheelchair lifts are designed for use in public facilities, although they may be suitable for use in some home applications.

Ascension’s standard availability for portable models is two weeks after receipt of order. Permanent models are custom made; therefore, the lead time can vary from four to ten weeks.

Right here, of course! We sell direct as the manufacturer. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Yes! Ascension sells direct as the manufacturer in many areas worldwide.

Yes! The Ascension Virtuoso 5460P and the Ascension Protégé 5442P may be CE-marked for distribution in the European Union.

How Can Ascension Help You?