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ADA Compliant Wheelchair Lift Products For Every Facility

Ascension Wheelchair Lifts

Designed, built, and shipped in the USA, Ascension stands behind every wheelchair lift we make with a warranty unparalleled in the industry.

Each Ascension wheelchair lift is user focused to provide safety and comfort in equal measure, while ensuring a low-profile, unobtrusive and complimentary look to its facility.

Clarity wheelchair lift from Ascension Lift

Clarity Wheelchair Lift

The Ascension Clarity enclosed wheelchair lift can reach heights up to 14 feet and can fit into tight spaces. Requires no installation pit or entry ramp.

Vertical Travel: 34″ to 168″
Capacity: 750 lbs
Lift Footprint: 48″ W x 68″ L

Protégé wheelchair lift from Ascension Lift

Protégé Wheelchair Lift

The Ascension Protégé portable and permanently installed wheelchair lifts feature increased lift capacity and include a full-sized platform that will fit easily into tight spaces for either commercial or residential use.

Vertical Travel: 4″ to 42″
Capacity: 900 lbs
Lift Footprint: 52″ W x 61″ L

Virtuoso wheelchair lift from Ascension Lift

Virtuoso Wheelchair Lift

The Ascension Virtuoso vertical wheelchair lift incorporates an innovative 360-degree rigid safety skirting that protects the area under the lift at all times. Available in both portable and permanent models to fit any application.

Vertical Travel: 12″ to 60″
Capacity: 750 lbs
Lift Footprint: 52″ W x 64″ L

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Ascension Clarity Wheelchair Lift Don Cesar Hotel

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Choose the frame color and window options of your Clarity to best fit your location. Choose company colors to maintain branding, or select colors that compliment the installation landscape. Additionally, window etching or frosting is offered so that you can include a company logo or thematic scene.

Frame Color Options

Ascension offers a number of frame colors; additionally, we’ll color match any Pantone color. Just send us a swatch or provide a Pantone number and we’ll do the rest!

Gray color swatch

Standard Metallic Silver

This Pantone Metallic Silver is the default frame color for the Clarity, but is offered as a standard color to the Protégé as well as the Virtuoso upon request.

Black color swatch

Standard Black

This Pantone Black is the default frame color on both the Ascension Protégé as well as the Virtuoso but is offered as a standard color for the Clarity upon request.

Custom Pantone color options

Custom Colors

Ascension is proud to offer Pantone color matching. Just give us a swatch or a Pantone number.

Window Options

Ascension’s custom window options give you access your way.

Frosted windows option

Frosted Windows

Frosted windows provide a modern visual appeal with some privacy for the rider. Additionally, the aesthetic may accentuate architectural design.

Etched windows option

Etched Windows

Etched windows provide the opportunity to include organization logos, city skylines, or artistic designs.

Standard window option

Clear Windows

The standard window option, clear windows enable easy rider monitoring and assist the lift in blending with the surrounding architecture.

Opaque windows option

Opaque Windows

Opaque windows provide privacy for the rider and may be used to accentuate architectural design.

Hardware Color Options

The hardware color on each Ascension wheelchair lift may be chosen to suite your style.


The standard color for all Ascension wheelchair lift hardware, the silver projects class and professionalism.

Brushed black hardware


Sleek and professional, black is an upgrade option for all hardware upon request.

Antique bronze hardware


Bronze provides a rugged sophistication and high-class flair without being over the top.

Gold hardware option


A gold finish shines through to support high-class architecture.

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Why Ascension Wheelchair lifts?

Ascension wheelchair lifts are designed to be as low impact on a space and a user as possible. This means that each Ascension lift features:

The Clarity wheelchair lift is seen outside of The Don CeSar

ADA Compliance

ADA compliance varies with each state, region, and local municipality. That’s why Ascension provides a free plan review for every project during the quote process. This way, we can ensure that your chosen wheelchair lift will always meet ADA requirements.

An Ascension Lift wheelchair lift is seen outside an university building

Pitless Design

Unlike many wheelchair lifts, Ascension lifts features a pitless design to remove the need for excavation or damage to a location during the lift’s install.

An Ascension Lift wheelchair lift is seen inside an Earls Restaurant

Towerless Design

Rather than the large tower used to hold lifting mechanisms common to wheelchair lifts, Ascension lifts feature a towerless design, made possible from housing the lifting mechanisms in the walls of the lifts. This enables each Ascension lift to maintain a low profile aesthetic and small footprint.

The doorway to a wheelchair lift

Flush Entrance

Each Ascension wheelchair lift features a flush entrance and exit without the need for ramps. Ramps require greater floor space to use and thus a larger area for a lift installation.

A woman in a wheelchair sits inside an Ascension Lift wheelchair lift

Window Space

Each Ascension wheelchair lift has been designed to maximize the clear window space present in order to prevent rider anxiety, claustrophobia, and allow caregivers to monitor the rider.

A Virtuoso wheelchair lift from Ascension Lift is seen beside a stage where a performance is taking place


Ascension stands behind every lift we make. Each Ascension wheelchair lifts comes with an unparalleled 10-Year Drivetrain, 4-Year Parts, 90-Day Labor warranty.

USA, Arizona, Colorado River, Horseshoe Bend, young man on viewpoint with American flag

Made in the USA

With so many other wheelchair lift manufacturers importing these days, Ascension is proud to say that every lift we make is designed, built, and shipped from Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Make Every Space Accessible with Ascension Wheelchair Lifts

Ascension provides accessibility solutions for almost any location.

Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Ascension Wheelchair Lifts provides accessibility solutions to commercial and public properties, including private businesses, parks, historic locations, museums, schools, conference centers, and much more.

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Residential Wheelchair Lifts

Ascension’s line of wheelchair lifts are equally at home at a private residence as they are at any commercial facility. The low-impact design of each lift, as well as portable options, makes Ascension an easy solution.

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Indoor Wheelchair Lifts

Ascension wheelchair lifts are frequently used indoors to provide access to elevated stages, second story landings, mezzanines, bleachers or other platforms where needed.

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Outdoor Wheelchair Lifts

Ascension provides an outdoor-use package for installations outdoors and in the elements. In this way, Ascension wheelchair lifts are a perfect fit for pedestrian overpasses, parks, athletic stadiums, or museums.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All Ascension lift models come with a standard 10-year drive train, 4-year parts, and 90-day labor warranty, setting an unparalleled industry benchmark. Optional extended warranties are also available.

Yes. Ascension wheelchair lifts provide all applicable operating and safety requirements necessary for compliance with ADA standards.

Just give us a call at (520) 881-3993 and ask for Ascension Sales; you may also use our Contact Us form or email us.

Set up of the portable Ascension Virtuoso requires approximately 10 minutes, while the portable Ascension Protégé requires approximately 5 minutes. Watch our lift setup videos for more detailed information.

In general, we recommend inspecting the lift’s hydraulic fluid level at six-month intervals. For other specific questions regarding maintenance, get in touch with us.

Yes, Ascension manufactures permanent version of both the Virtuoso and Protégé wheelchair lift models for use in projects where permanent installation is required.

Typically due to code requirements; however, some installation locations are better served with permanent modal wheelchair lifts instead of portable versions. Because states, regions, and municipalities throughout the US and elsewhere all adopt different versions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations, a permanent wheelchair lift, rather than a portable lift, may be required by law.

All Ascension lifts may be used outdoors. For extended outdoor use, cold climates, and other harsh environments, an optional Outdoor Package is available.

The Ascension Virtuoso 5460 Model Series has a 60” maximum rise and the Ascension Protégé 5442 Model Series has a 42” maximum rise. The Ascension Clarity 16E features a 168” maximum rise.


Some Ascension models can interface with some full-height doors in some locations. Please contact us to get the answers for your specific application.

There are over 100 Ascension wheelchair lift configurations! Therefore, there are no one-size-fits-all drawings. For project-specific drawings, contact us to get appropriate configurations for your unique requirements.

Ascension wheelchair lifts are designed for use in public facilities, although they may be suitable for use in some home applications.

Ascension’s standard availability for portable models is two weeks after receipt of order. Permanent models are custom made; therefore, the lead time can vary from four to ten weeks.

Right here, of course! We sell direct as the manufacturer. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Yes! Ascension sells direct as the manufacturer in many areas worldwide.

Yes! The Ascension Virtuoso 5460P and the Ascension Protégé 5442P may be CE-marked for distribution in the European Union.

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