This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).
The following patents apply to Ascension products:

  • Virtuoso 5460P models: U.S. patent numbers 7,926,618; 8,739,935.
  • Virtuoso 5460F models: U.S. patent numbers 7,721,850; 7,926,618; 8,079,447; 8,739,935.
  • Protégé 5442P models: U.S. patent numbers 8,783,419; 8,973,713; 9,051,156.
  • Protégé 5442F models: U.S. patent numbers 8,783,419; 8,973,713; 9,051,156.
  • SLA models (no longer in production): U.S. patent number 6,182,798.

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The Ascension Clarity 16E enclosed wheelchair lift can reach heights up to 14 feet and can fit into tight spaces. Requires no installation pit or entry ramp.


The Ascension Virtuoso vertical wheelchair lift incorporates an innovative 360-degree rigid safety skirting that protects the area under the lift at all times. Available in both portable and permanent models to fit any application.


The Ascension Protégé portable and permanently-installed wheelchair feature outstanding lift capacity and include a full-sized platform that will fit easily into tight spaces for either commercial or residential use.