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Wheelchair Lifts for Remodels and the Built Environment

Creating Accessible Spaces

Architects are on the front line when it comes to creating accessible spaces and Ascension Wheelchair Lifts is here to help them ensure accessibility everywhere.

Protégé wheelchair lift from Ascension Lift
Ascension Wheelchair Lifts for the Built Environment


The Protégé is an ADA-compliant wheelchair lift used in many low-rise situations. The lift’s low-profile and modern design enables it to integrate well into surrounding architecture. Portable options provide an easy method of delivering access to multiple locations, while its large window area serves to enhance rider safety, enable caregiver monitoring, and dispel rider anxiety.

Clarity wheelchair lift from Ascension Lift
Ascension Wheelchair Lifts for the Built Environment


Like its siblings, the Clarity excels in ADA compliance and ease of use. The lift is compact and reliable, requiring little space for installation. Its modern appearance and enclosed design offer both safety and aesthetic value. The Clarity offers up to two-story travel, as well as pitless installation and rampless access, making the lift a top-tier accessibility solution.

Virtuoso wheelchair lift from Ascension Lift
Ascension Wheelchair Lifts for the Built Environment


For the Virtuoso, safety is paramount. Fully ADA compliant, the lift also features an enclosed design to prevent falls, as well as 360° safety skirting to stop casual access to the underside. The Virtuoso’s user-friendly interface and quiet operation provide a seamless experience for all users, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a safe accessibility solution.

How Can Ascension Lifts Help You?

Ascension Has What You're Looking For

A place must be both accessible and good looking. Fortunately, that fits Ascension to a T.

Ascension Wheelchair Lift Virtuoso in front of a stage at the Hyatt Regency

Lifecycle and Support

Ascension was founded in 1990 and we offer the longest, most comprehensive warranty in the business, meaning; we’re not going anywhere. Ascension’s 10-Year Drivetrain, 4-Year Parts, 90-Day Labor warranty is a commitment from us to you that your wheelchair lift will run when you need it, where you need it, for a long, long time.

A white woman in a wheelchair sits in a Virtuoso wheelchair lift, being lifted to a raised stage

Lifting Height

Many of our customers ask about lifting height, as they all have varying needs. Ascension offers low-rise capable lifts (Protégé), rise up to two stories (Clarity), and anything in between (Virtuoso). No matter where you need access, Ascension has you covered.

A white man sits in a wheelchair in front of a Protege wheelchair lift

Outer Dimensions

Installing anything requires space and a campus has precious little to spare. That’s why Ascension wheelchair lifts feature small footprints. This enables each lift to fit easily into compact locations, while still supplying an ADA compliant inner platform. Ascension footprints include: Protégé: 52″ W x 61″ L, Clarity: 48″ W x 68″ L, Virtuoso: 52″ W x 64″ L

A black woman sits in a wheelchair inside a Virtuoso wheelchair lift

Operational Volume

Every Ascension wheelchair lift utilizes some version of a hydraulic drive system. As such, each system is both reliable, strong, and quiet. Descending, each lift is virtually silent. While ascending, each lift features a volume about normal conversation level (~60 dB).

A woman in a wheelchair sits inside an Ascension Lift wheelchair lift

Etched Windows

Ascension can provide etched windows on any lift to include facility or organization name and logo, scenes, and much more

Ascension's wheelchair lifts shown in a rainbow wheel of colour

Custom Paint Colors

Ascension offers choice in color so that your lift matches with you vision, at no additional cost.

Additional Industry Information

Additionally, Ascension provides several benefits that standout among our competition:

A white woman in a wheelchair sits in a Virtuoso wheelchair lift, being lifted to a raised stage

Pitless Design

Unlike many wheelchair lifts, Ascension lifts features a pitless design to remove the need for excavation or damage to a location during the lift’s install.

An Ascension Lift wheelchair lift is seen inside an Earls Restaurant

Towerless Design

Rather than the large tower used to hold lifting mechanisms common to wheelchair lifts, Ascension lifts feature a towerless design, made possible from housing the lifting mechanisms in the walls of the lifts. This enables each Ascension lift to maintain a low profile aesthetic and small footprint.

A teacher in a wheelchair reads to young students on a raised stage. A Protege wheelchair lift sits to the right side of the stage

Flush Entrance

Each Ascension wheelchair lift features a flush entrance and exit without the need for ramps. Ramps require greater floor space to use and thus a larger area for a lift installation.

A woman in a wheelchair sits inside an Ascension Lift wheelchair lift

Window Space

Each Ascension wheelchair lift has been designed to maximize the clear window space present in order to prevent rider anxiety and allow caregivers to monitor the rider.

A black boy sits in a wheelchair in front of a Protege wheelchair lift

Fully ADA Compliant

Every Ascension wheelchair lift does comply with ADA, ADAAG, and ASME A18.1 requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Ascension wheelchair lifts provide all applicable operating and safety requirements necessary for compliance with ADA standards.

All Ascension lift models come with a standard 10-year drive train, 4-year parts, and 90-day labor warranty, setting an unparalleled industry benchmark. Optional extended warranties are also available.

Just give us a call at (520) 881-3993 and ask for Ascension Sales; you may also use our Contact Us form or email us.

In general, we recommend inspecting the lift’s hydraulic fluid level at six-month intervals. For other specific questions regarding maintenance, get in touch with us.

Yes, Ascension manufactures permanent version of both the Virtuoso and Protégé wheelchair lift models for use in projects where permanent installation is required.

Typically due to code requirements; however, some installation locations are better served with permanent modal wheelchair lifts instead of portable versions. Because states, regions, and municipalities throughout the US and elsewhere all adopt different versions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations, a permanent wheelchair lift, rather than a portable lift, may be required by law.

All Ascension lifts may be used outdoors. For extended outdoor use, cold climates, and other harsh environments, an optional Outdoor Package is available.

The Ascension Virtuoso 5460 Model Series has a 60” maximum rise and the Ascension Protégé 5442 Model Series has a 42” maximum rise. The Ascension Clarity 16E features a 168” maximum rise.

Some Ascension models can interface with some full-height doors in some locations. Please contact us to get the answers for your specific application.

There are over 100 Ascension wheelchair lift configurations! Therefore, there are no one-size-fits-all drawings. For project-specific drawings, contact us to get appropriate configurations for your unique requirements.

Ascension wheelchair lifts are designed for use in public facilities, although they may be suitable for use in some home applications.

Ascension’s standard availability for portable models is two weeks after receipt of order. Permanent models are custom made; therefore, the lead time can vary from four to ten weeks.

Right here, of course! We sell direct as the manufacturer. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Yes! Ascension sells direct as the manufacturer in many areas worldwide.

Yes! The Ascension Virtuoso 5460P and the Ascension Protégé 5442P may be CE-marked for distribution in the European Union.

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