Portrait of Ron Corbin

Ron Corbin

Director of Facilities

Ron Corbin is the Director of Facilities of Ascension Wheelchair Lift’s parent company, AGM Container Controls Inc. As such, Corbin is responsible for the operation of the entire Ascension and AGM manufacturing campus. Additionally, Corbin serves on AGM’s Board of Directors.

Ron Corbin is the longest serving member of AGM’s employment base, having began his career with the company in 1980. As such, Corbin has been a part of the Ascension Wheelchair Lift division since its inception in 1990.

Education & Experience

Throughout his tenure, Corbin has served in many capacities across Ascension and AGM, including: Production Line Lead, Assistant Supervisor to Packaging, Material Control Supervisor, Purchasing Manager, Sales Manager, Operations Manager, and currently Director of Facilities.


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