Schools & Educational Facilities

Ascension Wheelchair Lifts provide ADA compliant access for all students

Ascension Wheelchair Lifts helps schools create physically accessible environments for every student. Our lifts are used by the largest (and smallest) school districts around the country to deliver safe, reliable and aesthetically pleasing accessibility solutions for every school environment. All Ascension Lifts are ADA compliant and include the industry’s best warranty.

Ascension’s Educational Support Program includes:

Ascension Lifts are used in 400+ school districts of all sizes worldwide including:

New York City Department of Education

Los Angeles Unified School District

Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Hawaii Department of Education

Hopi Day School

Get a Free Design Review

Ascension Lift engineers are happy to provide free design and plan reviews as well answer any questions you might have about our award winning, ADA compliant lifts.


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