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Where is Ascension located?

Ascension wheelchair lifts are used by some of the top school districts in the United States.

What are customers saying?

Here is just a sample of our customer testimonials from a few happy school districts and officials who know what you can expect from the Ascension experience:

“We have used our Ascension portable wheelchair lift for students and patrons of Beloit Public Schools for ten years. It’s easily operated even for someone unfamiliar with lift operations. We are able to move it between buildings with a small flat-bed trailer. Since we are a small community, on occasion we loan it to the city for use in their auditorium. After ten years of service, the Ascension lift has been well worth the small investment.”

Greg Renter, Superintendent
Beloit Public Schools
Beloit, KS

“The Ascension lift has helped us many times with our graduation ceremonies. Due to our large graduating classes we hold the ceremonies in a Civic Center 30 miles away. Never a problem, we simply load the lift on a truck, transport and set-up, no need for elaborate ramp to stage construction. Very simple to operate and very safe for the user. This lift has been an asset to us for the past 6 years.”

Brian Ross, Operations Specialist
Charlotte County Public Schools Florida
Punta Gorda, FL

“I do believe that the Green Bay School District made a very wise decision in buying this type of wheel chair lift 10 years ago. It is so user friendly and has wheels so we can transport it to any other school in the district. I would recommend this particular lift to anyone that needs a portable wheel chair lift for an auditorium stage or for any other type of stage. It is pretty much maintenance free. I’ve never had to do any type of repairs on it since we bought it.”

Tom Deffke, Green Bay East Building Engineer
Green Bay Area Public School District
Green Bay, WI

“We recently purchased two portable lifts for different school districts within the Province of New Brunswick (Canada). The lifts have far exceeded our expectations, and have become a valuable asset for our disabled students. From a procurement perspective, I would have to say that Ascension has been an awesome company to work with. They have cordially assisted us throughout every step of the process, in a timely manner, and provided us with the utmost professionalism and exceptional after-sales service. We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience of working with Ascension, and fully expect them to be a supplier who has a very long and prosperous future! I will recommend their product and exceptional service, whenever/wherever I can!”

Beth Barton, CPPB, Procurement Specialist, Central Purchasing Branch
Province of New Brunswick Government
Fredericton, NB Canada

“We have been using our Ascension lifts for over ten years and we are pleased with their performance throughout that time. We have moved these lifts from school to school to satisfy some of our access needs and they have always performed to our expectations. We have recommended these lifts to other school districts and will continue to do so.”

Joe Piro, Plant Facilities Administrator
Smithtown Central School District
Smithtown, NY

“The Ascension lift is awesome! It is very easy to load at floor level and to roll the wheelchair out on the stage & handrails inside for the student to hang on to if they want. It is also easy to move to different schools, and easy to set up at different stages. A little girl in a wheelchair used the lift for our holiday program, and she had a big smile on her face as she rolled onto the stage with her classmates. Thank you!”

Alec E. Evans, Head Custodian
Tuscarora School District
Tuscarora, PA

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