Convention Centers & Arenas

Where is Ascension located?

Ascension wheelchair lifts can be found throughout the world at some of the most popular and prominent convention centers and arenas.

What are customers saying?

Here is just a sample of our customer testimonials from a few convention center and arena veterans who know what you can expect from the Ascension experience:

“We here at the Dallas Convention Center are very satisfied with Ascension’s Portable Wheelchair Lift. It is very versatile which enables us to use it on varying heights of staging as well as move it to different locations. The lift is very durable and has not had any mechanical problems during the six years we have had it.”

Stanley Hayes, Operations Manager
Dallas Convention Center
Dallas, TX

“I can honestly say that the Ascension portable lift is a reliable, sturdy, easy to operate, attractive, space saving alternative to ADA ramps for staging. I have used them in three facilities (David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Hynes Convention Center, and the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center) and have trained staff in their operation with positive results. The portability of the unit is another key reason for owning it; utilizing multiple ramps is an expensive, time consuming and space demanding answer to client services when all you have to do is move the lift from one location to another.”

Paul O’Connell, Director of Operations
David L. Lawrence Convention Center
Pittsburgh, PA

“We have had the lift in service since 1997 and have found it to be a valuable tool. We use it on a limited basis where we utilize seating risers & stages that would create a barrier to attendees who have mobility issues. It has been trouble-free requiring little maintenance and is well received by our clients.”

Mike Polovcin, Director of Operations
Hawaii Convention Center
Honolulu, HI

“I have purchased two of the Ascension Wheelchair lifts so far in my career. One at a trade and convention center in Georgia and the other for an arena and conference center in Texas. I found them both to be of quality construction and completely reliable. At both venues our disabled patrons, keynotes, artists, or other featured guests have been extremely complimentary on this fine product. I would recommend the Ascension lift to any public assembly venue.”

Timothy C. Mabe CFE, CMP, CMM, MBA
President & CEO
High Point Convention and Visitors Bureau
High Point, NC

“The Los Angeles Convention Center has used our two portable Ascension wheelchair lifts continuously for 13 years. The units are of the highest quality construction and design and have only required regular, routine lubrication and inspection. The lifts have been extremely reliable and have never failed to operate properly. Thanks for an excellent and reliable product.”

Allen Ward, Building Repairer Supervisor
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA

“We have used the Ascension portable wheelchair lift now for about ten years and I can easily say that it is a superior way to access our different stage configurations in our facility. It is a labor saving asset for our operations crew, very portable, stores away neatly and easy to operate for our clients. Over the years our clients have become accustomed to using this great piece of equipment during their events. A great buy!”

Doug Phipps, Director of Operations
NorthWest Georgia Trade & Convention Center
Dalton, GA

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our wheelchair lift we bought from you. It has served us well for over 15 years and has been very dependable. It has also saved us a lot of labor due to the fact we used to install wheelchair ramps. These ramps usually take us four times the labor to set and strike. I’m very pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone that’s in the market for one.”

Fuad N. Rabbo, Set-up Supervisor
Washington State Convention & Trade Center
Seattle, WA

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