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Wheelchair Lifts for California Schools

March 22, 2016

A New, Fast Way for California K-12 Schools to Procure Premium ADA Wheelchair Lifts for Stages

Does your school or district have a stage…
…and a student in a wheelchair who needs to use it…
…but no safe way for the student to get onstage?

You are not alone!

Likewise, your search is over! Ascension portable wheelchair lifts, the premier lifts for K-12 school stages, provide a safe, quick, reliable, and flexible solution.

In fact, more than 300 large and small school districts across the USA have one or more portable Ascension lifts for ADA wheelchair access to their stages. These districts use their lifts in everything from small elementary school multi-purpose rooms, to large middle school cafetoriums, to prominent high school performing arts centers. The list includes:

  • Los Angeles Unified School District (30 lifts)
  • New York City Department of Education (177 lifts)
  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools (27 lifts)
  • Putnam City Schools (15 lifts)
  • School District of Palm Beach County (8 lifts)
  • Houston ISD (7 lifts)
  • Prince William County Public Schools (7 lifts)
  • Hawaii State Department of Education (6 lifts)
  • Virginia Beach Public Schools (6 lifts)


Furthermore, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has been so pleased with their Ascension lifts that they have awarded a contract to Ascension to supply approximately 30 additional Ascension lifts from 2016-2018.

What does this mean for you?

Well, the LAUSD contract has a piggyback clause, so it is now easier than ever for public entities in California to procure genuine Ascension lifts.

Ordinarily, school districts (and many other public entities) in California are required, by law, to solicit competitive bids on products. This bid process can take precious time and energy. If not managed perfectly, a district may even wind up with a lift that does not come close to meeting the special needs of school stages, simply because it was the low bid.

However, as a result of LAUSD’s piggyback clause, your district (or any public entity in California) can simply issue a standard equipment purchase order for a genuine Ascension lift. This means you can order a portable Ascension lift that may serve all the stages in your district at a moment’s notice! You don’t need to go through a lengthy bid process, and you are guaranteed to have the Ascension lift you want in the end.

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If you need more information on this opportunity, why not make a stress-free phone call to Ascension for details? We will help you:

  • Determine which lift model is appropriate for your needs;
  • Make use of the LAUSD contract’s piggyback clause;
  • Ensure that your new Ascension lift arrives in time for your next event; and
  • Stay connected with friendly Ascension support personnel as long as you own your lift.

So, tell us about your district’s needs and get started with your evaluation. We are standing by to help you!

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