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Ascension Brings Accessibility to a New School Year

November 3, 2015

As we near the beginning of a new school year, it’s now time for administrators and facility managers to once again consider their school’s accessibility. With nearly one in five people in the U.S. living with a disability, making education physically accessible is more important than ever. That’s why

nine of the ten largest school districts in the USA rely on Ascension wheelchair lifts to keep their schools accessible and their stages ADA compliant. Although large school districts may have dozens of Ascension lifts, even small districts with only one school have also chosen Ascension.

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In today’s world, if you were to ask school personnel about their top priorities, you’ll often hear “Safety.” To that end, Ascension lifts provide:

  • Safety skirting and full coverage safety-pan protection;
  • Four protective sidewalls, safely enclosing the rider;
  • Self-closing gates with gate interlocks; and
  • Slip-resistant surfaces.

No Class Disruptions

Minimizing outside-of-classroom noises, dispensing with possible hiding places, and reducing bullying have always been school priorities. Accordingly, Ascension lifts are designed to provide accessibility while maintaining a positive and studious school atmosphere through:

  • Quiet operation via a hydraulic drive-train;
  • Clear lines of sight through each lift’s large, high-impact acrylic windows; and
  • Low-profile construction for easy, discrete installation and user dignity.


Ascension lifts are engineered and manufactured to the highest quality criteria, with the industry’s only standard 10-year drive-train warranties. What’s more, routine maintenance typically takes only five or ten minutes every six months and can be done by any school employee.

Every Ascension lift can be expected to:

  • Work well every time;
  • Be easy to set up and operate; and
  • Require no additional cost and only minimal routine maintenance.

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