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Accessible Luxury Homes: Open Your World with Ascension Lifts

October 16, 2017

Ascension wheelchair lifts complement luxury homes with open floor plans, clean light-filled spaces, low noise levels & a warranty.

Ascension engineers collaborated with practicing architects and interior designers to create lifts that provide both an ease of accessibility around the home while also contributing to modern architectural trends. As a result, Ascension lifts provide unparalleled accessibility with seamless integration into any home, attending to the experiences of light and space.

Intimate and Inspirational Collaboration

Ascension lifts are designed to complement current luxury home design trends, such as:

  • Simple open floor plans;
  • Clean, light-filled spaces;
  • Strategic uses of visual interests, such as furniture, fixtures, and art

As a result, all Ascension lifts feature:

  • Integration with modern architectural design standards demanding openness and light
  • A low-noise level, ideal for private residences
  • Installation without the need for site modification, thereby reducing installation costs and retaining home value
  • The industry’s only 10-year warranty as a testament to Ascension’s American Made quality
  • A wide variety of colors to complement any residence
  • Full compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA)
  • Ground-level entry and exit

Each of Ascension’s lifts is suited to meet a home’s unique demands

Clarity 16E:

Ascension’s Clarity 16E brings a transformative experience to any home. Ascension’s latest innovation is a fully-enclosed, multi-story lift that provides large, clear paneling to eliminate the line between inside and out. Such open visibility fosters unique, comfortable living spaces, thus preserving a homes cultivated atmosphere while preventing user anxiety during use.

Further individual effects include:

  • A landing-side-mounted machine cabinet that provides the maximum possible window area to complement a refined home interior, and enable a space to take full advantage of the sweeping changes in natural light throughout the day as well as the seasons.
  • The lift’s subtle framework provides the clean lines and refined angles that are characteristic of minimalist architectural design – which is often neglected in other lifts. Aesthetically-speaking, the Clarity 16E’s design enables the lift to be strategically placed to take full advantage of an incredible view or to complement an architectural feature.
  • Rise heights between 34” to 168” to accommodate a wide range of unique locations


The Ascension Protégé displays a bold yet skillfully-constructed style. The thin framework provides ample window room while simultaneously housing the lifting mechanism. As a result, the Protégé’s innovative design does away with the visually obtrusive machine tower and reduces the lift’s overall size.

The Protégé features:

  • A footprint of only 5’ by 4’, making the Ascension Protégé ideal for new homes and renovations where space is at a premium
  • Rise heights up to 42” to accommodate small elevation changes common to most home garages and driveways
  • A 900 lbs. maximum weight capacity, making the Protégé an ideal solution for assisting those with non-ambulatory disabilities.


The Ascension Virtuoso represents the perfect union of functionality and design to produce a singular accessible home feature that is simultaneously aesthetically tasteful and highly capable. In addition to being a superb design feature, the Virtuoso provides:

  • A large window area and low-noise level that combine with a complete rigid, accordion safety skirting to prevent access underneath the lift at all times. This industry only feature makes the Virtuoso an ideal accessibility solution for those with children, grandchildren, or pets that might become trapped underneath the lift.
  • Rise heights up to 60”, a great solution for bridging small staircases or other mid-size elevation changes found in many homes.

Create Your Space:

For any information about how Ascension can help create your space, please call (520) 881-3993 to speak with a technical representative or engineer. Ascension also provides consultations and design proposal reviews to ensure that all necessary features and compliances are met for your application.

You've got plans, we've got solutions.
Let's get started.

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