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Since our doors opened in 1992, many wheelchair lift installers and dealers have remarked on the quality
and simple, compact designs of Ascension’s wheelchair lifts. In this article, we’ll discus several ways Ascension
wheelchair lifts reduce installation time, save facility space, and remain simple to maintain.

Compact Towerless Design

Many dealers and professional installers have commented on Ascension’s “towerless” and compact designs as
being key strengths of our products. This is because our compact lift designs make
Ascension wheelchair lifts easy to unload and quick to install. Here’s how it works:

Unlike many of our competitors, every Ascension wheelchair lift houses its lifting machinery inside the lift’s walls instead
of in a large, vertical, metal cabinet known as a “machine tower.” As a result, Ascension wheelchair
lifts provide a minimal footprint and small overall size – all
without sacrificing safety or ADA code compliance.

Furthermore, the compact size of Ascension’s Protégé and Virtuoso wheelchair lifts enable us to ship them
fully assembled, which makes these models simple to uncrated and put into place.

Discover ADA Code Compliance Here

A permanent Virtuoso wheelchair lift with a Stage Guard is installed next to a stage.

Quick Installation Times

Wheelchair lift dealers and installers are notoriously busy, making Ascension’s quick and easy wheelchair
lift installation processes very attractive. Below are the installation time estimates for Ascension’s
different wheelchair lift models:

Portable Wheelchair Lifts

Portable Ascension Protege wheelchair lifts are easy-to-use and can be moved by one person.

Ascension portable Protégé and Virtuoso wheelchair lift models do not require any traditional installation, and
can be setup to use in as little as ten minutes. Just uncrate the lift and wheel it into place. The lift
is shipped fully assembled and can be ready to use in just a few quick steps.

Permanent Wheelchair Lifts

The Ascension Virtuoso being used at a university to provide access to a slight elevation change for students.

Ascension permanent Protégé and Virtuoso models simply need to be uncrated and lifted into place with a forklift,
or wheeled into place using castors that are provided with the lift. Which method is used will depend on
personal resources as well as installation location and terrain. After it’s properly positioned, the lift
only needs to be bolted to the ground and hardwired.

Multistory Access: The Clarity 16E

An Ascension Clarity 16E wheelchair lift installed at an entrance way

Unlike the Protégé and the Virtuoso, the Clarity 16E is designed to provide access to elevations up to 14 feet high. As such, the Clarity requires permanent installation. Accordingly, Ascension estimates a full-size Clarity 16E to require two technicians one to two days to complete an installation.

Also, No Installation Pits!

Thanks again to their compact designs; Ascension lifts provide floor-level access without having to dig installation
pits. Thus, Ascension wheelchair lifts feature quick, non-destructive installation; an especially attractive
quality to installers, as well as historic properties and others wanting to use a wheelchair lift without
damaging their facilities.

Please note that installation times will vary depending on individual installer experience and installation

The Drive System

Dedicated to delivering the best experience possible to those who depend on our product, Ascension engineers
chose a hydraulic-drive system over a more common, less expensive screw-drive system for all of Ascension’s
product lines. Why? Because hydraulic-drive systems are more dependable and less noisy than screw-drive systems.

Ascension engineers found that hydraulic-drive systems aren’t as susceptible to wear, have lower lubrication needs, and have
fewer breakable parts than screw-drive systems. In addition, hydraulic-drive systems need less regular maintenance
compared to other drive systems. For example, we recommend checking an Ascension lift’s hydraulic fluid only
twice per year – and that’s it!

Responsible, Quality Construction

Ascension wheelchair lifts are hand assembled at our factory in Tucson, Arizona, by a team of experienced
and certified welders and fabricators. Moreover, no Ascension wheelchair lift leaves the factory without
first passing inspection by an Ascension design engineer.

In addition, Ascension’s own machine shop fabricates many of the parts used in every wheelchair lift we produce. That said,
while not every part in an Ascension lift is produced in our factory, what little we don’t make ourselves
is purchased largely from other local Southern Arizona companies.

Ascension employee welding Ascension wheelchair lifts


Ascension wheelchair lifts have garnered a reputation throughout the accessibility industry for their reliability
and easy repair. In fact, we’re so confident in our lifts’ dependability, we offer the industry’s longest
standard warranty: 10-year drivetrain, 4-year parts, and 90-day labor. This is made possible through Ascension’s
quality construction and superior drive system.


Despite our best efforts, occasional problems do arise. However, many technicians have remarked on how easy Ascension
wheelchair lifts are to work on, especially considering that the majority of problems can be resolved through
simple troubleshooting.

If a problem does arise with your Ascension lift that does not seem to be covered in the troubleshooting guide,
or the suggestions in the guide do not resolve the issue, contact Ascension at (520) 881-3993 to speak with
a design engineer. In most cases, issues are simply resolved over the phone.

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