The Ascension Difference

Commitment to People, Commitment to Place

Ascension’s customer-centric approach to design and uncompromising commitment to building a fully accessible world is what separates Ascension platform lifts from all others.

The Ascension Promise

Handcrafted. Safe. Dependable.

Ascension’s focus is designing and manufacturing platform lifts for the people that need them, and choose them as the ultimate accessibility option.

Ascension guarantees that:

  • Ascension platform lifts are designed and handcrafted in the U.S.A., with the needs of both its users and its location foremost in mind.
  • Ascension lifts are built to be fully-compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).
  • Ascension lifts are backed with the industry’s only 20-year warranty to prove they are the most dependable and highest quality line of wheelchair lifts available.

Inspired Design

Enhancing Facility Form and Function

While other manufacturers are busy competing with each other, Ascension is focused on its clients. Ascension engineers consult with lift users, facility managers, and architects about their needs, in order to inform and inspire Ascension’s lift design. As a result, Ascension lifts are expertly suited to answer the needs of the public in ways that other platform lifts can’t.


Complementing and enhancing current architectural trends is one aspect of Ascension’s design focus. Accordingly, Ascension lifts are designed to be part of a building, subtly emphasizing lines and opening up spaces while still providing the easy accessibility necessary for any location.

Several aesthetically-focused aspects of Ascension lifts are:

  • A focus on unimpeded visibility and clear lines of sight that open up spaces.
  • A sleek, modern framework that helps to subtly communicate a structure’s atmosphere and design while unobtrusively integrating into the structure.
  • A custom color and color matching option for each Ascension lift to bring uninterrupted harmony to a space through color-continuity.


Through Ascension’s customer-centric approach to lift design, Ascension engineers have gained a better understanding of the architectural landscape and the varied needs of lift users, luxury homeowners, and facility managers. As a result, Ascension platform lifts are developed to be intuitively functional to accommodate the needs of their customers.

Several functionality features of Ascension lifts are:

  • Tower-less lifts: Ascension lifts are designed with the lifting mechanisms housed inside the framework. As a result Ascension lifts are easier to install, use less space, do not block lines of sight, and do not attract unwanted attention.
  • Ground-level entry and exit: Ascension provides ground-level access without the need for either an installation pit or an entry ramp, which provides easier access, lower installation costs, and conserves space.
  • An increased weight capacity: The Ascension Protégé provides a 900lbs load capacity to better accommodate the needs of hospital and healthcare environments.
  • Compact footprints: Ascension lifts maintain an economy of space while still adhering to the ADAAG, making Ascension lifts the ideal solution for smaller venues or spaces.
  • Truly portable lifts: Unlike other manufacturers who simply retrofit permanent lifts with a portable undercarriage, Ascension portable lifts are designed to be portable and thus maintain a low profile, are light, and easy to use.
  • Quiet operation: Ascension lifts operate at an ambient noise level to promote unrestricted use and further develop the functionality of any facility.


Ascension platform lifts are the safest solution to accessibility needs. Every Ascension lift is designed and produced with rigid conformance to the latest versions of the ADA and ADAAG, as well as the ASME A18.1 standard. In addition, each Ascension lift is customized to meet the letter of the law in every jurisdiction in which one is installed.

Several safety features are:

  • Prewiring for Two-Way Communication: Prewiring includes two connection points, one for incoming line connection and one for telephone connection in lift.
  • Pit Switch: Provides added protection for maintenance personnel.
  • Front Lowering Valve: Provides manual lowering access from the front of a lift when the emergency hand pump is inaccessible.
  • Auxiliary Lighting: Provides a minimum of 2.2 lx on the lift floor and interior controls in the event of a power outage.
  • Under Platform Safety Pan: Prevents the lift from descending when it encounters an object.
  • Rigid Safety Skirting: Completely surrounds the lift and prevents bystanders from accessing the area underneath it.

Industry Innovations

Pushing the Boundary, Advancing the Cause: Providing Access to the Future

Ascension’s Virtuoso: A rigid barrier that completely surrounds and protects the lifting mechanism at all times, preventing anyone or anything from getting underneath the lift. In addition, the Virtuoso’s safety skirting grants the lift an inconspicuous appearance. The clean lines and smooth operation of the safety skirting enhance a facility’s accessibility while deflecting attention.

The Ascension Clarity 16E is the only fully-enclosed platform lift in the U.S.A. that is capable of multi-story rise and that features a landing-side machine tower. This innovation provides the Clarity 16E with three complete sides of unimpaired visibility via high-impact, clear acrylic paneling. In addition, the Clarity 16E’s sleek framework and exceptionally quiet operation pair with the enhanced lines of sight to provide the lift with a modern, full-service elevator aesthetic. Such a cultivated appearance enables the Clarity 16E to seamlessly integrate into any facility, enhancing both its accessibility as well as its atmosphere.

Contact Ascension

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For information about how Ascension can help you, call (520) 881-3993 to speak with an Ascension lift specialist and engineer, or email us here. Ascension lift specifications and details are available on our architect’s page here, as well as on each individual lift’s product page.

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