Ascension has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) by both prospective and current customers.
If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact an Ascension Product Specialist.

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  1. Does your wheelchair lift meet ADA requirements?
    Ascension wheelchair lifts provide for independent use by individuals with disabilities per ADA requirements. They include all applicable operating and safety devices for compliance with ADA standards.
  2. What does “ADA compliant” mean?
    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a law that was created to ensure that all Americans have equal access to services, regardless of any disabilities they may have. Wheelchair lifts help people with physical disabilities, such as people who have arthritis, or who use wheelchairs and walkers. An “ADA compliant” lift meets requirements of the ADA (often interpreted by local code officials). Ascension wheelchair lifts are designed to meet or exceed ADA requirements, and our additional goal is to enhance user dignity wherever possible.
  3. How can I get pricing for the wheelchair lift?
    Just give us a call at 1-800-459-0400 or 520-881-3993 and ask for Ascension Sales; you may also use our Contact Us form or email us.
  4. Why use a portable wheelchair lift if it will stay in one place?
    After an easy set-up process, the portable Ascension Virtuoso 5460P and Protégé 5442P lifts sit firmly on the ground and can be left in place indefinitely. Because of its simplicity (completely self-contained unit, quick set-up by personnel with no specialized training, elevator permitting not usually required), a portable unit may actually be preferred in many stage applications.
  5. In general, what do vertical wheelchair lifts cost?
    Depending on the intended use (public facility or private home, performance hall or alley entrance, etc.), on the design (“tower” or low-profile), on the degree to which ADA requirements are met or exceeded, on the materials and build quality, on the amount of customization…the price of wheelchair lifts can range anywhere from $3,000 to $100,000. To narrow down that price range, a good rule of thumb is to find a lift that has all the things that matter to your community, then contact the manufacturer to match your specifics.
  6. What does the standard Ascension warranty cover?
    Ascension offers the premier warranty package for vertical wheelchair lifts on the market today. All Ascension lift models come with a standard 20-year drive train, 5-year parts and 1 year labor warranty, setting an unparalleled industry benchmark. Superior customer service rounds out the Ascension experience, ensuring decades of satisfaction from your Ascension lift. Optional extended warranties are also available. Please talk to an Ascension Product Specialist for details.
  7. How long does it take for one person to move a portable Ascension lift over a level surface and set it up in front of a stage?
    Depending on experience, the portable Ascension Virtuoso takes approximately 10 minutes to move in place and set up for use; the portable Ascension Protégé takes approximately 5 minutes. Watch the setup segments of our demonstration videos to see how truly streamlined the setup process is.
  8. What routine maintenance does an Ascension lift require?
    To keep your Ascension lift in top working condition, we simply recommend checking the hydraulic fluid level every six months. For other questions, please call us; our friendly Ascension personnel are always happy to help you!
  9. Do you make a permanent version of your portable wheelchair lifts?
    Yes, Ascension manufacturers the Ascension Virtuoso 5460F and Ascension Protégé 5442F Model Series wheelchair lifts for use in projects where permanent installation is required.
  10. Why would I choose a permanent Ascension lift instead of a portable one?
    If a permanent lift is required by code or other circumstances, you would have your Ascension Product Specialist help you select the correct permanent Ascension unit.
  11. Ascension lifts look elegant, but are they durable enough to be used outdoors?
    All Ascension lifts may be used outdoors. For extended outdoor use, cold climates, and other harsh environments, an optional Outdoor Use Package is available. All Ascension lifts come with a standard 20-year drive train warranty.
  12. What is the lifting height of your wheelchair lifts?
    The Ascension Virtuoso 5460 Model Series has a 60” maximum rise and the Ascension Protégé 5442 Model Series has a 42” maximum rise. News flash: a new permanent Ascension model is scheduled for availability in summer of 2016, which will have a maximum rise of approximately 14 feet – ask your Ascension Product Specialist for details!
  13. Do you have a wheelchair lift that has a maximum rise of less than 60”?
    Yes, Ascension manufacturers a low-rise vertical portable wheelchair lift (Ascension Protégé 5442P) and a low-rise vertical permanent wheelchair lift (Ascension Protégé 5442F) that reach 42”.
  14. Can Ascension lifts interface with a full-height door?
    Some Ascension models can interface with some full-height doors in some locations. Please contact Ascension (1-800-459-0400) to get the answers for your specific application.
  15. Why do your lift drawings say “sample”?
    There are over 100 Ascension wheelchair lift configurations! If you would like project-specific drawings, simply contact Ascension to recommend appropriate configurations for your unique setting.
  16. Do you sell a wheelchair lift for the home market?
    Ascension lifts are premium products designed for use in public facilities, although they may be suitable for use in some high-end home applications.
  17. What is the availability?
    Our standard availability for portable models is 2 weeks after receipt of order. Permanent models are custom made; therefore, the lead time can vary from 4 to 10 weeks.
  18. Where can I buy the wheelchair lift?
    Ascension sells direct as the manufacturer in many areas in the United States and worldwide. We also maintain a dealer network in many other areas. Ascension portable models ship as fully assembled products and do not require installation.
  19. Do you sell internationally?
    Yes, our portable lifts are represented in prestigious facilities worldwide. We are able to incorporate all necessary electrical requirements for international distribution. Please visit our list of distributors.
  20. Can portable Ascension wheelchair lifts be used in Europe?
    Yes. The Ascension Virtuoso 5460P and the Ascension Protégé 5442P may be CE-marked for distribution in the European Union.

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