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At Ascension, we believe that accessibility creates opportunities for connection within communities that lets everyone participate equally in the world we share together

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The World’s Leading Wheelchair Lifts

Since our doors opened in 1992, many wheelchair lift installers and dealers have remarked on the quality and simple, compact designs of Ascension’s wheelchair lifts. In this article, we’ll discus several ways Ascension wheelchair lifts reduce installation time, save facility space, and remain simple to maintain.

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Top 3 Questions to Ask a Wheelchair Lift Manufacturer

The Life of a Lift: What’s in a Warranty? A warranty is a manufacturer’s guarantee that their product will work and, as such, is a direct reflection of a manufacturer’s trust in their product. Thus, it is important to take the strength of a product warranty into consideration when choosing

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The Ascension Difference

Commitment to People, Commitment to Place Ascension’s customer-centric approach to design and uncompromising commitment to building a fully accessible world is what separates Ascension platform lifts from all others.

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Age & economics are affecting residential architecture which are leading to an increased emphasis in accessible & efficient modern housing.

How Age and Economics are Affecting Residential Architecture

A large social and cultural shift permeating throughout U.S. society has been growing steadily over the last decade, and is now decidedly changing the future of architecture and city development. As a result, architectural trends are moving away from traditional suburban family housing and instead emphasizing smaller, universally designed homes

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Ascension wheelchair lifts complement luxury homes with open floor plans, clean light-filled spaces, low noise levels & a warranty.

Accessible Luxury Homes: Open Your World with Ascension Lifts

Ascension engineers collaborated with practicing architects and interior designers to create lifts that provide both an ease of accessibility around the home while also contributing to modern architectural trends. As a result, Ascension lifts provide unparalleled accessibility with seamless integration into any home, attending to the experiences of light and

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Ascension at the NAEC in Atlantic City

NAEC Booth 345 Ascension wheelchair lifts will be at the National Association of Elevator Contractors’ (NAEC’s) 68th annual fall convention held this year in Atlantic City, New Jersey, September 25 and 26, 2017. Ascension will be presenting its latest innovation, the Clarity 16E, in full Virtual Reality (VR) at booth

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