Ascension at the NAEC in Atlantic City

NAEC Booth 345

Ascension wheelchair lifts will be at the National Association of Elevator Contractors’ (NAEC’s) 68th annual fall convention held this year in Atlantic City, New Jersey, September 25 and 26, 2017. Ascension will be presenting its latest innovation, the Clarity 16E, in full Virtual Reality (VR) at booth 2201.

“We’re very excited about this,” states Gabriela Cervantes, Ascension’s Marketing Manager. “This show is a chance for us to meet face-to-face with our current dealer network and, hopefully, expand that network.”

Clarity 16E

Ascension’s Clarity 16E is a fully ADA-compliant Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) capable of multistory rise that emphasizes safety, aesthetics, and easy installation. Unlike traditional elevators and Limited Use / Limited Application elevators (LuLa’s), the Clarity 16E requires neither overhead nor under platform clearance spaces for installation. Rather, the Clarity 16E’s lifting mechanisms operate in a unique, landing-side cabinet to facilitate easy installation without compromising performance or aesthetic appeal. As such, the Clarity 16E bolts directly to the floor and landing platform, making the lift capable of being installed within a day. Guests and dealers at the NAEC convention will be able to view and ride a model Clarity 16E via a VR experience at the Ascension booth. Ascension representatives will be available to assist those interested in using the VR to explore the operation and image of the Clarity 16E.


  • Vertical Travel: 34″ to 168″
  • Capacity: 750 lbs.
  • Lift Footprint: 48″ wide x 68″ long
  • 10-year drive-train warranty


Ascension’s Virtuoso comes standard with “safety-skirting,” an accordion-style rigid safety device that wraps completely around the bottom of the lift in order to prevent anyone or anything from being caught underneath the platform during operation. Available in permanent as well as portable models, the Virtuoso’s design emphasizes ease of use and safety in high-traffic locations.


  • Vertical Travel: 12″ to 60″
  • Capacity: 750 lbs.
  • Lift Footprint: 48″ wide x 66″ long
  • 10-year drive-train warranty

Read about how Ascension is helping make newly constructed and renovated destinations accessible to everyone in, “High Profile Accessibility”


Ascension’s Protégé is designed for tight spaces requiring a full-sized platform. As such, the Protégé combines Ascension’s smallest footprint with the product line’s greatest load capacity to provide a lift that is ideal for hospice centers, hospitals, and bariatric treatment facilities. The Protégé’s design – similar to both the Clarity 16E as well as the Virtuoso –emphasizes safety, performance, and an aesthetic that aims to be visually unobtrusive. Furthermore, the Protégé provides ground-level entrance and exit without the need for either an entry ramp or installation pit, and the large window area provides a way for those outside of the lift to monitor a rider’s condition. In addition, the Ascension Protégé is available in both permanent and portable models.


  • Vertical Travel: 4″ to 42″
  • Capacity: 900 lbs.
  • Lift Footprint: 48″ wide x 61″ long
  • 10-year drive-train warranty

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