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At Ascension, we believe that accessibility creates opportunities for connection within communities that lets everyone participate equally in the world we share together

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Ascension wheelchair lifts can be found in other facilities, such as government buildings, hotels, restaurants and retail stores.

Other Facilities

Where is Ascension located? Ascension wheelchair lifts are used for a variety of customer types, including: hotels, casinos, courthouses, commercial buildings, retail stores, museums, cafetoriums,

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Ascension wheelchair lifts are a great accessibility solution to use within performing arts centers.

Performing Arts

Where is Ascension located? Ascension wheelchair lifts are used by a variety of performing arts center around the world.

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Teresa Rosano, Teaching Universal Design

The University of Arizona’s College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture (CAPLA) recently concluded its fall 2020 semester in a student project showcase and universal design competition. Ascension reached out to CAPLA instructor and Tucson architect Teresa Rosano to ask about the semester and the student design competition. We spoke

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A New Look: Adaptive Fashion in 2020

Over the past few years, several large companies have invested in developing adaptive fashion lines for people living with disabilities. However, fashion designed for people living with designed for people living with disabilities is not a new concept.

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How to Increase Home Resale Value with Accessibility Renovations

Regardless of their situation, it’s common for home owners to worry about damaging their home’s resale value when making accessible renovations. However, making informed, practical, and architecturally sound home accessibility modifications can actually increase a home’s value, in addition to its comfort and usability. The Trick to Increasing Home Value

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